Creating Compelling initiatives that stimulate action



We are curious people with strong digital skills, a flair for design and an ability to get across complex information simply and clearly in plain English.

Science, technology, engineering and the digital world all interest us. Not only do they make a huge difference to the lives we lead but they are also vital to our country’s financial future as we shift towards a knowledge-based economy.


Good communication is critical if science and technology products and services are to achieve their full potential. If people don’t know they exist, if they don’t understand their value and how they can be used, innovative ideas will stall rather than take off.

Because of their nature, science and technology products and services tend to come with complex stories. Our job is to turn the complex into easy to understand, compelling marketing initiatives that arouse immediate interest. We do this by stripping down information until we get to the essence of what’s on offer and then presenting this in a striking way. We place great emphasis on providing strong, relevant content, on developing a clear strategic direction and on marketing all activity in a way that stimulates action.


Very often we work on projects that break new ground. Introducing new technology can be tricky – but we have demonstrated time and again how it should be done. Our target audiences range from venture capital specialists to government policy makers, R&D departments, end users, scientists and non-technical people.

We have helped global technology specialists, start-ups, agronomists, engineering businesses, university research departments and companies involved with everything from graphene to materials handling We can help you, too – please get in touch to find out how.

A typical HTP client

There isn’t one. With a portfolio ranging from plasma chemical waste destruction systems to 3D printing, we have clients who have only one thing in common – they want results!