Architectural Visualisation & Animation


HTP Digital has entered into a partnership agreement with a top Russian architectural visualisation company in a move that extends its services to the UK construction industry.

We already have extensive experience of working with UK construction companies on digital design and marketing projects – and now we can also offer our clients ultra-realistic visualisation and animation to help them market developments more effectively ahead of completion.

East European IT and digital skills are amongst the best in the world. Through the partnership, we have access to visualisation techniques and expertise that set new standards in the UK market.
The addition of architectural visualisation to our portfolio of services gives us a complete range of tools to help us optimise the results of our clients’ marketing activities.

  • Ultra-realistic animated visualisation of developments before a single brick has been laid, allowing you to build up interest and secure investment at a very early stage.
    We visualise every single detail, right down to a glint of dew on the grass.
  • Fly-throughs, build-ups, tours, stunning landscaping – we create sequences that engage with audiences and immerse them in a project, frequently integrating moving vehicles, people and live action footage to stunning effect.
  • Static visualisation, again ultra-realistic and lit to enhance a development’s key features
  • Animated presentations, infographics and marketing videos combining a range of effects and colours to bring a development to life
  • Virtual reality videos – effects and visualisation that raise the presentation of developments to a completely different level. For critical projects that demand the most powerful techniques.


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Static visualisation
Marketing videos
Virtual reality videos