• Bringing science and technology marketing alive

    Igniting thought processes, communicating often complex
    information simply, clearly and memorably

    Services now include powerful new tools for visualising
    emerging technologies and construction projects


Science and technology marketing specialists

HTP Digital is a specialist B2B science and technology marketing company. We understand the needs and processes of marketing innovative technologies, scientific breakthroughs and high-performance industrial products. Over the years we have built up a formidable reputation for highly effective, informed design and communication solutions. More about HTP

A complete
digital strategy

All of our work begins with the formulation of an over-arching digital strategy. This integrates imaginative design ideas with the vivid expression of key propositions, persuasive news stories, powerful technical articles, social media campaigns and SEO work that gets our clients on to page one of Google. Working together, these various strands deliver measurable results month in and month out. More about digital strategy

From start-ups
to corporations

HTP clients include global technology specialists, start-ups, agronomists, engineering businesses, university research departments and companies involved with everything from graphene to materials handling. For each of them we develop marketing initiatives that raise awareness and interest, communicate processes, get across benefits and generate enquiries. View portfolio