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Rafi-Tone is the first product from Clin-e-Cal, a company founded through partnership with doctors, university researchers and hospital teams.

An app that works across all platforms, Rafi-Tone helps young children with asthma to relax and develop a good inhaler technique that optimises medication effectiveness.

HTP were briefed to brand the app and then develop a website that would communicate its benefits to healthcare professionals in a way that would also get across its appeal to youngsters.

Communication was to be two-tier – about Clin-e-Cal (corporate) and about Rafi-Tone (strictly product information).


We firstly designed two logos, one reflecting healthcare values, the other based on the app’s colourful central character, Rafi Robot. We then developed a website that’s fun and friendly but very quickly and precisely demonstrates how the app works and how it is used.


Considerable interest in the app has quickly built up. The Guardian has run a feature article on it and further press releases are planned.