Work undertaken

Design / Hosting & Support

The Challenge

A long-established bespoke engineering specialist company based in the Midlands, Formrite briefed HTP to develop a website that would portray the company as a modern, streamlined organisation with the ability to meet the most demanding technical challenges The company wanted to position itself as ‘new technology’ rather than ‘old engineering’. Formrite operates internationally and manufactures aero-tooling, test rigs, prototypes and special-purpose machines.

HTP Response

We designed a clean, open site that combines technical information with graphic photography of finished products and details of the latest software used by the company. All products were deliberately shown against white backgrounds in a clean, fresh way not normally associated with traditional engineering.



The new Formrite site is regularly visited by people from over twenty different countries who read a wide range of information about the company, its products and services. 80%+ of visitors are new to the site.