Simdean Envirotec

Work undertaken

Strategy / Design / Media Relations / Hosting and Support

The Challenge

Launch into the UK and Ireland an industrial plasma-based system for treating hazardous waste chemicals and gases. Built around pioneering, patented technology, the system utilises extremely high temperatures – up to 4500°C – to provide a safer, clear, more cost-effective alternative to landfill and incineration. It was completely new to the market – nobody knew anything at all about how it worked.

HTP Response

News stories about the system were distributed to key journals, technical articles were written and discussions were held with editors. We also designed and built website pages that carried a considerable amount of technical information on the system – education was critical at this early stage – including videos and extensive downloads.


The system was given widespread media coverage, interest was stimulated amongst chemical engineers and local authorities, serious enquiries were received for significant projects.