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A specialist team with vast experience of helping to generate more site traffic, more enquiries and more sales.

With the introduction of Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, SEO changed overnight – demonstrating once again that search engine optimisation is constantly evolving and that it is essential for businesses to react swiftly to changing circumstances so as to maintain an effective online strategy.

Our SEO team has vast experience of moving clients up the search engine rankings on to page 1, helping to improve visibility, increase website traffic, generate additional enquiries and improve conversion rates.

Full range of SEO services

To achieve consistently good results we undertake thorough search term analysis and traffic analysis before we develop any strategic options. We then deploy a combination of on-site optimisation, professional copywriting and posting unique articles to key external sites to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our efforts.


The difference made by Hummingbird

Google’s previous algorithm assessed and rated sites largely by combining the identification of individual search terms with an analysis of external links, a large number of which were taken as an indication of a site’s good standing in its marketplace.

External links are still important – but Hummingbird assesses sites differently in one crucial way. It matches search terms against text, not against individual keywords. Interesting, relevant content that aligns information with whatever terms people are using in their searches is judged to be goal towards which all web developers should be working. HTP has always employed professional copywriters to work on content and is responding to the challenges of Hummingbird with what has always been a key part of the company’s SEO remit – helpful, well-written text.