Client: Dana Brevini
Project: Fluid power and
power transmission launch


Design: creating work that jumps out

We have one of the strongest design teams of any digital company. Our work is clean, modern, informative and above all different. To help our clients stand out, we create complete visual identities that combine logo design with carefully considered colour palettes, typefaces, striking photography, graphics and icons.

Architectural and technological animation and visualisation

Our photo-realistic 3D animation and visualisation services have been developed to add an extra dimension to both construction and technology projects. With architectural animation we can show every detail of a development before a single brick has been laid, allowing you to stimulate interest and secure investment at a very early stage. With technological or scientific projects, we can create stunning simulations of products or processes whilst they are still at the R&D stage, bringing them alive in a way that no PowerPoint of CAD drawing will ever do. Animated sequences and static visuals are both produced by our team.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your new website looks great, it says all of the right things, it’s well structured and easy to navigate – but if people can’t find it you won’t get the results you want. Our SEO team has vast experience of moving clients up the search engine rankings on to page 1, helping to improve visibility, increase visitor numbers, generate additional enquiries and improve conversion rates.

Media Relations and Digital Marketing

Our Media Relations/Digital Marketing team stimulates interest in products or services through press releases, news stories, technical articles, case studies, technology updates and newsletters. Our way of working can make a tremendous difference. For instance, press releases and technical articles increased the number of visitors to one client’s site by 170%. For another, two press releases and a technical article generated an enquiry with a potential value of £1.5m. Our media services can be particularly important in launching new technologies, where SEO isn’t initially of any help – if people don’t know a technology exists, they are not going to search for it!



Your marketing effort will go nowhere if you don’t get the campaign foundations right. Over the years we have developed thorough processes for cutting through all of the noise and clutter and establishing a clear position in the marketplace whilst identifying the precise communication points that will deliver optimum results. We then translate these stories into powerful, relevant content, striking design and co-ordinated digital marketing campaigns.


Whatever the project, it is vital that your content is simple, relevant and persuasive. If people can’t find the information they want quickly, you run the risk of losing a potential sale. If the information they do find isn’t relevant to their needs, again you’re going to lose out. If the case for your product or service isn’t put clearly and argued persuasively, interest will rapidly wane. If your text doesn’t maintain momentum and introduce clear benefits as it goes along, you’ll find yourself with missed opportunities. At HTP we have professional copywriters who’ll make sure you avoid all of the above pitfalls. Instead of the usual run-of-the-mill marketing pages, we produce text and content that bring your propositions alive.