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Whatever the project, it is vital that your content is simple, relevant and persuasive. If people can’t find the information they want quickly, you run the risk of losing a potential sale. If the information they do find isn’t relevant to their needs, again you’re going to lose out. If the case for your product or service isn’t put clearly and argued persuasively, interest will rapidly wane. If your text doesn’t maintain momentum and introduce clear benefits as it goes along, you’ll find yourself with missed opportunities.

At HTP we have professional copywriters who’ll make sure you avoid the pitfalls that beset so many marketing initiatives. Instead of the run-of-the-mill marketing pages, we produce text and content that bring your propositions alive.

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The right content to attract the right audience

As well as ensuring that you get across your key messages with clarity and simplicity, good content can also help with SEO. On the other hand, duplicate content and keyword-stuffed writing are generally taken as signs of a poor quality site or even one linked to spam – both of which can hold back SEO work.

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