Media Relations

Media Relations


The work of our Media Relations team complements our SEO activities. SEO gets page 1 rankings for key search terms and through these generates website traffic. Media Relations generates traffic by arousing interest in a product or service through technical articles, news stories and press releases.

Media Relations can make a tremendous difference. For instance, press releases and technical articles increased the number of visitors to one client’s site by 170%. They can also be particularly important in launching new technologies, where SEO isn’t initially of any help – if people don’t know a technology exists, they are not going to search for it!

New technologies aside, a typical HTP campaign works by integrating technical articles, online press releases, SEO and e-marketing (newsletters, product updates and technology bulletins).

Working together in the right way, these four strands generate interest, enquiries and ultimately sales.

  • Full campaign analytics & reporting
  • Online press releases
  • SEO
  • E-marketing
  • Articles
  • Exhibition graphics, print