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Our PR team stimulates interest in products and services through a range of content, always tailored to our clients’ specific goals. We build strong client relationships, delivering targeted campaigns based on our in-house research and sector knowledge, always focused on our clients’ imperatives to build brand awareness, drive traffic and generate enquiries.

Our way of working can make a tremendous difference. For instance, for one client, our PR content – engaging press releases alongside detailed technical articles – increased the number of visitors to their site by 170%. For another client, two press releases and one in-depth technology feature generated an enquiry with a potential value of £1.5m. With expertise in communication for engineering, manufacturing, renewables and technology, we work to get the right coverage for the right story, delivering clear and compelling messages based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ technologies and markets.


170% increase in visitors to client’s website following press releases and technical articles

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Upgrading Tower Bridge

Client: Dana Brevini

Techseal valves now gas and fire approved

Client: Orseal

Eco car park gets the go-ahead in Bristol

Client: PVE

Plasma technology for treating hazardous waste

Client: Simdean Envirotec

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