Social Media

How social media can benefit B2B companies

Whilst social media marketing is perceived as best suited to companies dealing with consumers, B2B companies can still harness the power of social media to good effect – provided they target the right audiences with the right strategies.

Whilst platforms such as Pinterest may never be of much value to a business manufacturing industrial bolts, LinkedIn – with 259 million global users – can be very helpful indeed. YouTube, with one billion users, can also be a great platform for videos providing product training. Twitter feeds can be extremely powerful, too, as long as the messages convey information of real interest to potential customers – such as new product developments or improved functionality.

Creating meaningful connections via Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn can certainly benefit B2B companies. As part of your overall marketing activity and integrated with other initiatives such as technical articles, newsletters, blogs and news releases, social media can build traffic to your website and increase understanding of your company and its products.

We’d be pleased to talk to you about how we could help your business make best use of social media as part of an overall digital strategy.

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