Artemis Analytical

Taking the waiting out of carbon dating

Artemis Analytical is a University of Manchester spin-out. Using ultra-sensitive quantum technologies developed at CERN the company provides a carbon-dating analysis service that significantly speeds up the dating process and lowers costs. Whilst Artemis’s capabilities can help a wide range of disciplines, such as forensics, anti-counterfeiting and dating works of art, the decision was taken to focus initially on archaeological specimens.

The challenge

HTP were asked to design a website that would clearly establish Artemis’s technologies as proven and established whilst emphasising that seed equity investment was needed to undertake prototyping and full commercialisation. Grant funding had already been secured from the European Research Council and the Science & Technology Facilities Council.

HTP response

We developed a website that stresses the credentials of Artemis’s technologies, their revolutionary potential, their current archaeological focus but scope for other applications, all of which add up to a significant investment opportunity.


A high level of interest is being shown by fund managers and other potential investors, with some visitors to the site staying on its pages for over seven minutes. The site is proving an invaluable tool in presentations and discussions about seed equity.

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