Bridge Law Solicitors

A different kind of law company

Started just over two years ago and now with four offices, Bridge Law is a fast-growing practice with a belief that new, more flexible, more personal ways of providing legal services are long overdue.

At the outset, with just one small office, the company focused on local clients but quickly found itself attracting a number of high-profile cases in addition to the work it was getting from small business and nearby householder.

The challenge

Develop a Bridge Law branding and website that would reflect the practice’s different approach to providing legal services, continue to attract local clients (but now from four distinct geographical areas and a larger Head Office) and at the same time appeal to clients with larger, more complex national and international cases.

HTP response

We developed a website with clean, open styling (to reflect Bridge Law’s open approach with clients) and a text/visual theme that emphasises a different kind of law firm providing a fresh legal perspective. Text is short and simple but informative, photographs are friendly and colourful – quite a remove from Big Law practices and how they present themselves.

We also developed and implemented an SEO strategy with four distinct strands, one for each of the four offices, each of which has a different legal strength.


The practice continues to grow, visitors to the website continue to increase – and Bridge Law has now won two major awards for innovation, giving its overall approach a great boost.

5 Piccadilly Place
Manchester M1 3BR
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