Environmental Crop Management

The challenge

Environmental Crop Management is a relatively small agronomy company that has built up a huge reputation for innovative thinking and for its pioneering work on developing Integrated Crop Management – a method of farming that balances the requirements of running a profitable business with environmental responsibility.

HTP were briefed to highlight the company’s way of working in an article for the Agriculture Edition of the latest Parliamentary Review, which had invited ECM to contribute a piece describing how the company helps farmers produce high-quality food whilst respecting bio-diversity. The article was requested as a result of ECM having been picked as a representative to raise standards in agriculture alongside the Prime Minister.

At the same time we were asked to:

Write for general release news stories focusing on ECM’s work with the PM and the various awards the company has received for its contribution to crop science and conservation.

Develop a website that would address some pretty big issues including climate change, sustainability, environmental responsibility, respect for bio-diversity and the need to feed the 8 billion people who will be on the planet by 2025.

HTP response

Whilst not providing all of the answers to the huge challenges facing agriculture, ECM’s Integrated Crop Management does tackle many of the pressing issues facing farmers. Our Parliamentary Review article and various news stories all clearly stated the problems and described how ECM’s integrated approach can make a difference. Our website also deals with these matters in a way that is both generally informative and at the same time technically helpful to farmers wishing to drill down for details on crop protection.


Recognition of ECM’s achievements and way of working is spreading. The company has 1200 farmer clients in the North West and its system of Integrated Crop Management is now on the national agenda. Our work to promote conservation and best practice is on-going.

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