Fylde Electronic Laboratories

Vital testing, measuring and monitoring instruments

Fylde Laboratories are a specialist international organisation that designs and manufactures instrumentation used to provide ultra-precise measurement of structures such as bridges and buildings, materials and moving parts to ensure they conform to the most stringent safety standards. These measurements are vital to any advanced industrial society. Without them, safety would be severely compromised, our quality of life would be impaired and industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine and civil/process engineering would barely function.

The challenge

In an age of unprecedented technological change, it was vital for Fylde to highlight the way in which in which it responds quickly to external developments in electronics and rapidly incorporates them into its ever-evolving scientific instruments where appropriate.

The brief was to re-brand the company, principally through its website, in a way that reflected its early adoption of technological innovation to the benefit of customers. Fylde’s then current website was essentially a static product catalogue with very few references to the way it responds to new technologies.

HTP response

Whilst still featuring user manual downloads and full technical specifications of all Fylde instruments, the new site clearly positions the company as a world-leading innovator with a team that keeps abreast of the latest technologies and an approach that puts great emphasis on new product development. This position is supported by reference to the stature of some of the recent projects it has won and he extremely high levels of technical expertise found in its design and production engineers.


Interest in Fylde’s services has gone up, visitor levels to the new site are high and show a good level of interest both in the company’ technologies, team and approach.

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