The challenge

Car park ventilation specialist HC PVE is part of the multi-national HC Groep of air technology companies.

Following a major review of its marketing activity, HC PVE decided to change the whole emphasis of its communication programme to highlight sustainability. HC PVE technology was to be branded as ‘eco-park® Sustainable Car Park Ventilation’ and HTP were asked look at what was in effect a company re-launch. The objective of these changes was to give the company a clear, relevant identity based on one of the most important issues of the day – the need to save energy and adopt a more sustainable way of working

HTP response

We designed a strong, simple eco-park® logo that took HC PVE away from being a supplier of technology to being a company with a brand and an absolutely clear position in the market-place. A distinctive website and a range of print material were developed to provide detailed information about eco-park®’s technologies and get across key messages including 50% energy saving, savings on cabling and raw materials, savings on excavation and savings on installation time, all relevant to the sustainability theme.


Such has been HC PVE’s success with eco-park® that in January 2015 they won the award of ‘Best Performing Company’ within the whole of the HC Groep.

Currently HC PVE has three page 1, position 1 rankings for key search terms and a further seven other terms also on page 1.

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