Newburn Power Rental

Temporary and permanent power generation solutions

One of the UK’s foremost power generation specialists, Newburn works from depots strategically located across the country. They provide temporary and prime power generation solutions to places such as hospitals, where continuity of electricity supply is absolutely critical, schools, hotels, building sites, music festivals and other events.

The challenge

Raise Newburn’s profile in its marketplace and clearly get across the strengths and resources of the company: 20+ engineers, 24/7 manned call out, technical expertise, a large vehicle fleet and an ability to respond instantly to emergencies (the latter a vital point to stress).

With very little attention having been paid to marketing in recent years, perceptions of the company were fragmented and its considerable attributes were not well understood. We were briefed to correct this situation and at the same time develop a fast, simple product selector that would filter enquiries by manufacturer, engine and power capacity.

HTP response

We developed a programme of activity based on monthly SEO work, regular press releases, technical articles, new photography and a distinctive new website with technical information and a fast, easy-to-use product selector at its heart.


Newburn is attracting new customers, its Google page rankings are climbing, its profile has been given a boost, media coverage of its activities is good and a better understanding of the company’s strengths and resources now exists.

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