Piggott and whitfield

Building services

Whilst a highly successful company, Piggott and Whitfield were finding it difficult to get across to potential clients the extent of their building services, which cover everything from plant rooms to data cabling, mechanical and electrical work and plumbing. The main reason for this difficulty lay in the fact that, once a building is finished, the majority of PW work is hidden from view – in the basement, behind plaster work, above false ceilings.

The challenge

Get across everything their company does in a minute or less.

HTP response

Our recommendation was a virtual reality animated video showing via ultra-realistic modelling a building going up floor by floor and then being given a total PW fit-out. The beauty of 3D animation is that it allows you to show what can never be seen in real life – cabling being laid in seconds, computer servers going up in the blink of an eye, the fit-out of complete electrical systems in the time it takes to press a light switch.


Vivid photo-realistic computer-generated sequences that communicate the company’s total range of activities in a fast, interesting way – months and months of work portrayed in under 60 seconds. The video, which opens the Piggott and Whitfield website, has been used in presentations, exhibitions and as part of recruitment campaigns. It has created a considerable amount impact.

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