Robotics for Nuclear Environments

The challenge

RNE (Robotics for Nuclear Environments) is a five-year collaborative research programme that brings together key UK robotic and nuclear engineering experts. Their task is to develop new robots with advanced capabilities that will allow to undertake tasks in nuclear environments that aren’t safe for humans.

These next-generation robots will have a vital role to play in nuclear decommissioning and the safe disposal of nuclear waste. It is envisaged that the programme will eventually also have a significant impact in sectors other than nuclear, such as space exploration, sub-sea mining, bomb disposal and healthcare.

The challenge was to create an engaging, informative website that would get across complex scientific information in a succinct way that would appeal to a wide range of visitors – nuclear scientists, journalists, members of the public, collaborators, funding bodies and various Government departments.

HTP response

We developed a visually striking website that clearly lays out the challenges facing the nuclear industry worldwide, provides overviews of the research programmes being undertaken, the key research scientists, the four institutions responsible for the research and the key project partners.


A site with international links that brings into the public domain accessible information on a vital topic and clearly positions the UK as a leading authority on developing solutions to nuclear issues with worldwide implications.

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