Catalysts for innovation

UMIP is owned by The University of Manchester. The company is responsible for commercialising next-generation technologies emerging from the University’s world-class research base.

Since 2004, UMIP has attracted £360m+ venture capital investment, helped create 1,350+ jobs, received 4,000+ invention disclosures and generated £115m+ revenue for the University.

The challenge

Develop a new website that would provide a range of information appealing to several different audiences (academics, staff, research students, industry, partners and potential investors) whilst adhering to a strong overall UMIP identity.

The site was to be based on research undertaken by UMIP into how different audiences interact with the parts of the organisation most relevant to them and the information they find most helpful.

HTP response

Once we had established a look and style for the website, we spent a lot of time working on an information structure and user interface that would help visitors find their way around the site quickly and easily and identify in a couple of clicks the sections of most interest to them. With such a range of information, we also wanted a navigation system that would tell visitors at a glance their precise location on the site wherever their clicks may have taken.


A striking site that says science and technology the instance visitors land on it. Navigation is fast and simple and a diverse range of information appealing to different audiences is presented in a straightforward, coherent way.

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