Wolfenden Concrete

Precast concrete solutions developed specifically to meet the needs of dairy farms

Whilst Wolfenden work with other sectors, developing precast solutions to meet the very specific requirements of dairy farms is a key part of the activities.

The company’s current dairy focus is on a new, next-generation range of products that prioritise animal welfare to give farmers healthier, happier cows, the key to good yields.

The challenge

HTP were briefed to brand the new range, which the company decided to market under the ‘Supa’ name to differentiate it from its other products, and then launch it to dairy farmers throughout the UK.

HTP response

Our first response to the brief was to develop a distinctive identity for the new range. This was launched in April 2019. By featuring a dairy cow and the theme ‘Supa Happy Cows’, we gave the range a clear, distinctive dairy identity that also describes what the new products do.

Next, we updated the Wolfenden website to give prominence to the Supa range, sent out hard copy mailings to farmers (hard copies were thought to be more appropriate for traditionally-minded farmers than emails) and at the same time mounted a PR campaign made up of both press releases and technical articles.


Supa enquiries are building up and the Supa range is quickly establishing a clear identity for itself in the sector. Since its launch, the range has become the most viewed section on the Wolfenden website.

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