Our ultra-realistic CGI visualisation and animation brings emerging technologies and construction projects alive in ways that CAD drawing and conventional animation techniques can’t match.

New technologies and building projects can be difficult to get across to people, especially at the early stages of their development. Yet as the pace of technological innovation increases, the need to communicate new ideas clearly right from the start becomes greater and greater.

To help research departments and companies explain new and potentially ground-breaking developments, HTP Digital have launched a range of services utilising the latest visualisation technologies.

These let people engage with projects right from the very beginning via virtual, photo-realistic modelling and rendering that can be either animated or static. Technologies can be viewed from every perspective and line of sight and features explored in minute detail. As a result, interested parties are better informed and prospective investors gain a greater understanding of an idea’s potential.

Latest projects


Piggott and Whitfield

Building services


Square Kilometre Array

The world’s largest radio telescope


Graphene Electro

Electrochemical production of grphene and 2D materials

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