• Branding and design

Good design should be simple and accessible. It should combine words, images, colours, graphics, infographics and other elements in a way that captures the imagination of your audience and brings alive your products or services.

Brand identity

If you are to stand out from the competition, it is vital that you have a strong identity. This should work across all platforms. We have extensive experience of:

  • Creating strong visual identities for our clients including logo design, colour palettes, typography and infographics
  • Producing style guides and brand manuals
  • Producing designs for client presentations and proposals

Digital and print

Whilst we all now live in a digital world, print still has an important role to play.

In addition to digital projects we also handle exhibition graphics, signage, infographics and data realisation, posters, brochures and flyers. These can all help to get messages across to audiences who might be at a conference, listening to a talk, attending a seminar or sitting through a presentation.

Latest projects


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