• Technical PR for Omega Engineering
  • Technical PR pick up in Efficient Energy for Dana Brevini
  • Filtration Separation Editorial for Nonwovens Innovation

Technical PR and article writing: the right coverage for the right story

Our Technical PR team stimulates interest in clients’ products and services through press releases and technical articles that are always tailored to meet specific goals. We target our campaigns precisely – we’re not believers in sending out an avalanche of press releases and seeing what sticks – and we fine tune our activities to ensure we make the most of every opportunity to get across our clients’ messages.

Our way of working can make a tremendous difference. For one client a combination of press releases and technical articles increased website traffic by 170%. For another, just two press releases and one technical article generated an enquiry with a potential value of £1.5m.

Whatever the project, we’ll give you one-to-one attention and bring a strategic focus to your PR and media engagement programme. Contact our PR team to learn more about what we could do for your business.


increase in traffic to one client’s website

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