Brand and Marketing Strategy

A clear strategy defines where you want to go and describes the route you need to take to get there. It is the foundation of your marketing effort and should provide your organisation with the means by which it can make informed decisions based on facts, research and experience.

Whatever the project, however big or small, we establish a firm strategic direction before starting on any design or development work. In doing this, we’ll probe your market, assess your positioning and ask any number of questions, some of them deliberately awkward!

Out of our research, planning and discussion we’ll draw conclusions on how to best put your messages and stories out into the world. Our work will include:

  • Project scoping
  • Key message analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Website content strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Project plan of action with dates, timelines and milestones

Only when all of this is in place do our writers and designers start work on developing ideas.

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