Manchester Imaging

Breakthrough dental diagnostic software

Manchester Imaging is a new dental diagnostic software company that provides earlier identification of tooth decay and other potential problems. Earlier identification leads to improved dental health. This empowers patients to look after teeth more effectively and saves money for insurance companies and governments by reducing the need for dental treatment.

The challenge

Arouse medical interest in the new patent-protected software and attract investors.

HTP response

Our first job was to create a strong identity for the new company and develop a website to launch their platform.

Initially we concentrated on the development of a simple, memorable logo and colour scheme with the potential to extend across all of the website, linking different sectors via a common colour palette and graphic styling. Essential information was then presented in a clear, structured way.


At the beginning of 2018 the company raised a £600,000.00 investment from the GM&C Life Science Fund in recognition of its potential for commercial success. At the same time the company has entered into an early partnership with a leading multinational dental supplier.

5 Piccadilly Place
Manchester M1 3BR
HTP Digital science and technology marketing specialists