3D visualisation and animation: helping you to communicate faster & more effectively

Our ultra-realistic 3D visualisation sequences bring science, technology and construction projects alive in ways that CAD drawings, conventional animation techniques and written descriptions just can’t match.

3D animation can be used as part of a tender to help you win a bid, to demonstrate how a new technology works and to attract new investors, often before even a prototype exists. Equally, it can create impact on an exhibition stand, make audiences sit up and take notice during a presentation or take a website to another level – the scope is enormous.

The power of visual communication

Today’s fastest growing and most popular communication platforms are visual. Videos, images and infographics engage audiences and help people process, understand and retain more information than text alone.

With our 3D visualisation services, we can harness the power of striking animations to stimulate interest in your technologies, boost understanding of the benefits they bring and how they work, attract investors to your portfolio and accelerate your time to market.

Turning a 30-minute presentation into a striking 60 second, 3D technology animation sequence

View how we helped Piggott and Whitfield get across the scope of their building services in a fraction of the time of a conventional presentation – and in a way that created far greater impact.

Demonstrating processes clearly and powerfully, even when they cannot be seen

Our 3D animation sequences can be used to show things that either can’t be seen easily or can’t be seen at all. Very often the heart of a new technology lies surrounded by layers of related processes that make it impossible to view in real life. With 3D animation we can help you demonstrate strongly, clearly and realistically the very essence of your technology even when it exists only at a nano scale.

Bringing alive the world’s largest radio telescope – before any construction work has been started

View our 3D animated sequence clearly showing what researchers were finding difficult to get across via CAD drawings. Read more about our work with the group that is delivering the world’s largest radio telescope.

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