• Client: Fylde Electronic Laboratories

Vital, ultra-precise instrumentation for monitoring bridges, buildings and other structures to ensure they conform to the highest safety standards

Fylde Electronic Laboratories design and manufacture world-leading analogue testing and measuring technologies for monitoring bridges, buildings, materials and moving parts. This monitoring is critical to any advanced industrial society. Without it, industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine and civil/process engineering would barely function.

HTP were asked to re-brand the company, principally through a new website. The new website was to reflect Fylde’s early adoption of technological innovation to the benefit of its clients.

The new site we developed clearly positions Fylde as a world-leading innovator with a team that puts great emphasis on R&D. This position can be seen in some of the recent projects the company has won.

The result: worldwide interest in Fylde’s technologies has risen, website traffic has gone up.

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