• Client: Hilsonic

Large industrial ultrasonic cleaners that remove contamination from parts and components in seconds

Hilsonc design and manufacture large ultrasonic cleaners for removing contamination from aircraft components, engine parts, pistons, valves, cylinder heads and many other applications.

HTP were briefed to develop a website for the company that would demonstrate the power of Hilsonic to remove problem contamination by bombarding surfaces with millions of tiny bubbles in a process known as cavitation.

We developed a site that showed the Hilsonic cleaning process in action in a series of graphic videos. These were supported by data sheets, technical specifications and drawings stressing the high quality of Hilsonic’s engineering and the robust build of their cleaners, which are covered by a 5-year guarantee.

The result – a site that attracts attention, generates enquiries and clearly positions Hilsonic as manufacturers of cleaners with the power to combat the most aggressive chemicals such as solvents and caustic solutions, which are found in some of the harshest industrial environments.

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