Client: Metcraft Lighting

Raising the online profile of a team of international investment specialists.

Campion Capital are investment professionals with extensive experience of raising long-term institutional capital in the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa.

The company is a close team of specialists with high levels of expertise. Team backgrounds include investment banking, investment management and asset management as well as raising capital.

Campion have offices in London, Oxford, Madrid, Miami and Raleigh.

Working in today’s volatile private and public financial landscapes, Campion decided that the best way to move forward in uncertain times was to raise its international profile and in the process highlight its professional credentials through a new website.

HTP were appointed to undertake the work.

Client: Metcraft Lighting

Specialist design and manufacture of heritage and decorative street lighting incorporating the latest energy-saving electronic controls.

Metcraft Lighting are one of the UK’s leading heritage and decorative street lighting specialists. The company works with local authorities, architects, consultants and contractors on a wide range of projects including major schemes of both national and historic importance.

HTP were asked to develop a website that would strongly feature the visual appeal of the company’s lighting and at the same time get across a range of technical information including energy-saving electronics and photometric data.

We developed a site that showed how Metcraft works with history, providing not only lighting itself but also pedestals, posts, columns, brackets, lanterns and globes, all carefully designed to harmonise with surrounding buildings. We also stressed the company’s lighting restoration work.

To support this overview we incorporated detailed technical information on the company’s range of energy-saving photocells, dimming mechanisms, LED technologies and central management systems.

The result: a site with a strong emphasis on heritage design and restoration underpinned by the very latest energy-efficient electronic controls.

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