Innovative ophthalmic instruments

The challenge

Mumac, a spin-out from The University of Manchester, is a company specialising in developing innovative ophthalmic instruments. Its first product is RapiDA, a powerful new tool to help in the fight against Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

RapiDA detects AMD at the earliest possible stage, when the disease’s progress can be slowed down or interrupted altogether.  At its later stages AMD is untreatable and leads to blindness. It is the largest cause of sight loss or blindness in the developed world.

HTP were appointed to launch Mumac via a website that had to tell a complex story and explain pioneering technologies in a way that was clear and simple.

HTP response

We developed a site that covers everything from clinical trials to diagnostic techniques and demonstrations of how RapiDA helps AMD patients lead normal, full lives – all presented with simplicity and graphic clarity even when dealing with difficult scientific and medical matters.


Mumac is going from strength to strength and has just received new investment funding.

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