Client: PhenUtest Diagnostics

How a specialist building and engineering consultancy is helping to tackle climate change through more sustainable construction.

Method are a specialist engineering and sustainability consultancy focusing on reducing the environmental impact of the UK construction industry.

The company, based in Swindon, Bristol and Cornwall, appointed HTP to develop a new website for them that would highlight the way in which the Method team is working alongside companies involved with the UK built environment to achieve net zero carbon goals.

Our approach brought recently completed Method projects to the foreground in all sections of the new website. Then, for each project, we described the steps the company has taken to reduce that particular building’s environmental impact via the application of building physics, dynamic simulation software, energy modelling, achievement of BREEAM energy targets and low/zero carbon techniques.

Client: PhenUtest Diagnostics

Revolutionising the diagnosis and treatment of UTI.

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is a painful condition that affects more than 150 million people a year. Currently, doctors have to send samples from patients suspected of having UTI to an external laboratory for testing. This can take days and when the results do come through they are frequently inaccurate, leading to mis-prescription of antibiotics.

PhenUtest, ground-breaking point-of-care technology that provides UTI test results in under an hour while patients wait, is a spin-out from the University of Liverpool. It has the potential to transform how UTI is diagnosed and treated. Commercial interest in the technology has been established and a Chief Technical Officer has recently been appointed to lead system development.

HTP were asked to design and write a website that would lay down a strong foundation for future PhenUtest growth. The site clearly highlights the current diagnostic issues, provides a powerful overview of PhenUtest’s solutions to these issues and how they are poised to transform the whole way in which the condition is handled.

The intention is for the website to be steadily expanded as PhenUtest builds up momentum.

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