• Client: Sliders UK Composite Doors

Ultra-realistic 3D renderings of new Sliders composite door collection in various colourways, wood grains and door styles

With a new door collection in a vast range of styles, colour-ways and wood grain options, Sliders UK were faced with a dilemma. A vital online brochure showing the full range and all options was needed urgently but no photography had been undertaken. To make matters even more difficult, the production budget for the brochure was limited.

Sliders approached HTP with a possible way forward. Could we produce static 3D renderings of all door styles, colour-ways and wood grains, then hand them over to the company’s IT department? The idea was that the IT team would take the renderings and already existing images of door hardware and glass and match the three together. They could also place the matched elements in domestic settings wherever they thought appropriate.

We said yes, it could be done with very careful planning and a production line approach to the whole project.

Following this modular way of working allowed us to dedicate a team to produce the renderings in a fraction of the time photography would have taken and at a fraction of the cost.

The result: The doors and wood grains looked realistic, the colour-ways matched exactly the RAL references the client had provided – and the whole brochure was produced on time and to budget.

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