Storage and Handling Solutions (SHE)

Shopping trolleys with innovative design features

The challenge

Create a strong, distinctive identity for a range of shopping trolleys and other storage/handling solutions with unique design features.

In a world where most shopping trolleys are regarded as commodity products, SHE (Storage and Handling Equipment) needed to build a shopping trolley brand with a clear set of values and strong identity.

HTP response

We developed a comprehensive SHE website that flows as a unit but which is in fact made up of two distinct (but overlapping) groups of messages.

The first group establishes how SHE shopping trolleys are different (better for the environment, save retailers 25% in-store space, deliver a better shopping experience, last longer/more robust).

The second group establishes the trolleys’ technical and design features, dimensions, prices, shopping capacities and life expectancy – hard-nosed, practical evidence to back up the trolleys’ broader, overall propositions of superior in-store and environmental performance.


The new site and branding created impact right from the day they were launched and continue to work strongly for the company.

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