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Victims of Fraud got it back – so grateful!

The challenge

Victims-of-Fraud is part of Interludium International Investigations, a specialist Dutch organisation established in 1990 to provide financial intelligence services including protection for leading brands against counterfeiting.

HTP were appointed to handle the marketing of Interludium’s international fraud recovery team, Victims-of-Fraud.

The challenge was to get across a strong, simple message: that people who have been scammed out of their investments or savings can, with expert help, get their money back.

At the same time it was important to reassure victims that, with fraudsters moving stolen money all around the world, an international response is required, which Victims-of-Fraud can provide.

HTP response

We created an open, positive website that did not dwell on the tales of loss and hardship that are now reported daily but on how funds can be recovered.

We also underlined the company’s credibility by drawing attention to the track record of Interludium’s founder, Dick Steffens, who started the business after a long and distinguished career with Amsterdam Police, where he specialised in international fraud and intelligence.


Initial response to the launch of the website, which is being supported buy ongoing online marketing, is extremely encouraging.

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