Client: Wolfenden Concrete

Raising the online profile of a team of international investment specialists.

Campion Capital are investment professionals with extensive experience of raising long-term institutional capital in the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa.

The company is a close team of specialists with high levels of expertise. Team backgrounds include investment banking, investment management and asset management as well as raising capital.

Campion have offices in London, Oxford, Madrid, Miami and Raleigh.

Working in today’s volatile private and public financial landscapes, Campion decided that the best way to move forward in uncertain times was to raise its international profile and in the process highlight its professional credentials through a new website.

HTP were appointed to undertake the work.

Client: Wolfenden Concrete

Specialist precast concrete for dairy farmers.

New concrete lego Supa Blocks.

With over forty years of experience, Wolfenden is one of the UK’s leading precast concrete specialists.

The company has a large range of concrete products developed specifically to meet the needs of UK dairy farmers and has recently introduced concrete lego Supa Blocks, which have applications across a wide range of sectors.

HTP were asked to develop a website and other marketing material covering both the Wolfenden Supa Dairy range and the new concrete lego Supa Blocks. At the same time the client wanted us to create some means of helping the company stand out from the competition, especially at the UK’s very important agricultural shows.

To make an immediate impression on both the website and at the agricultural shows, we developed a 3D animation sequence that covered the full range of the company’s skills in a fast, eye-catching way.

The website was also used to launch the new concrete lego Supa Blocks, which we separated from the dairy range and covered in some technical detail. In addition, we are promoting the concrete lego blocks via an on-going Google Ads campaign.

The results: a highly distinctive 3D animation sequence that creates interest both on the website and at the shows, lead generation for the concrete lego blocks and a range of helpful information for dairy farmers.

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