Organic Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Our Manchester SEO team is focussed on delivering integrated SEO as part of a full digital marketing strategy.

Are you ready for more traffic to your website that will stick around?

Integrated Search Engine Optimisation

We combine content, technical optimisation and website authority for a robust and long-lasting SEO strategy. SEO is not just loading your website with the first keywords that come to mind. It also must consider the structure, design, and build of your site can all make a huge difference.

SEO starts at the very beginning of the website design process from the sitemap, to best-practice coding and tidy site management. However, SEO-led design doesn’t end at launch, updating the site regularly helps to keep you relevant and climbing.

Technical SEO for Technical Businesses

We have honed our approach to search engine optimisation for the science, technology, engineering, construction and technical industries that we love to work with.

Scientific and complex industries require expert attention to their SEO as well as their content strategy. It can be a fine balance between accuracy and search engine appeal, therefore we start with deep analysis. Our team will thoroughly research your website, competitors and industry to ensure that we are targeting keywords that are relevant, accurate and used by your audience.

STEM industries often struggle with small search volumes, low traffic and high competition. Our team uses thorough keyword research and many different content strategies to improve conversion rates so you can grow your audience, but also make the most of the traffic you have.

Expert SEO Process

SEO can appear like a complex blend of hundreds of different aspects, tricks, variables and strategies, however, there are only a few key areas that encompass everything you have heard on the subject.

Preparation and Research

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail in life as in SEO. Before starting any work on a new site or a new online campaign we complete a thorough audit of your business goals, website, existing rankings, other outreach channels and potential keywords.

On-page SEO

Depending on how much of your integrated strategy you are looking to work on and your current goals, on-page SEO could mean many different things. Recommended actions will be included as part of the full audit, on-page SEO can include:

  • Meta-data writing
  • Content creation or amendments
  • Structural changes
  • Design and UX changes
  • New page/site development

Technical SEO

Often delivered with on-page and includes most areas unseen by users. Page speed, site security, mobile optimisation and server management can all contribute to strong technical SEO strategies.

Off-page SEO

Off page signals affect your rankings, but are not on your website or under your complete control. Link building is still one of the strongest SEO signal to build authority over time and is a key part of your off-page SEO. We build backlinks by writing relevant, high quality content that is posted on trustworthy sites to ensure your results will last.

Get started with an SEO audit

Want to learn how we would handle your science, technology or engineering business?

Our process starts with a conversation about you and your business with the person that will do a full audit and put together your strategy – no algorithms, no robots and no automated emails. Just a single point of contact that understands your business and knows your website inside out.

All you have to do is give us the information to get started. Email your name, phone number, industry and business URL to and a member of our Manchester SEO team will be in contact to start a full analysis and discuss the results.

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